Prevent skin tears and bruises with Wikkies leg protectors.

Leg protection designed to reduce skin tears by up to 70%

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Skin tear treatment that works

Say bye bye to bumps, bruises and skin tears, say hello to Wikkies leg protectors

Wrap-around leg protection designed to prevent further skin tears and bruising by up to 70%

For many people of a ‘certain age' aches and pains are a fact of life. While modern medicine can do a great deal for conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and restricted muscle movement, a common ailment like thin and brittle skins still remains a problem for a lot of people and how to manage skin tear treatment.

Consider Pearl. As an elderly woman she often suffered bruises and cuts to her brittle leg skin – a condition made worse by steroid medication she took to control her asthma. For Pearl, a slight knock from anything as simple as catching her leg on a coffee table or bathtub, or her friendly pet dog jumping up at her legs, would often result in a painful skin tear, followed by a trip to the doctor’s surgery, and having her legs uncomfortably bound with several layers of protective bandages for weeks at a time.

Pearl’s daughter Lea, became increasingly concerned. But years of seeing her mother’s condition worsen gave her an idea – a preventative form of leg protection and arm protectors for fragile skin. This was the idea behind Wikkies leg guards.

Lea set about solving her mother’s problems, developing Wikkies leg protectors or leg guards through considerate design and careful testing. Today Pearl has a much better quality of life thanks to her daughter’s efforts. As a Wikkies wearer she has the confidence to lead a much more active life without the constant worry of injuring her thin leg skin. Getting out and about, visiting family and friends and enjoying the company of her little dog no longer present a potentially painful problem or requires skin tear treatment.

You too can ‘bury those bruises’ by wearing Wikkies.

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As you can see from my repeat order the Wikkies have been absolutely brilliant for my 95 year old Mum. No more wounds to her legs so no more hospital visits for treatment for thin skin which is all we can ask. My only problem now is getting them off her to wash them! Thank you once again for such prompt service and a fantastic product.

Lynda Banks

I'm now on medication and twice recently I have knocked my legs and ended up in hospital with huge swellings on my legs which needed operations etc. My family went on the internet and found your company and ordered 2 pairs of leg protectors. Since putting them on I have noticed a difference – the feel comfortable and have made my life so much easier.I want you to know that I have told various friends how excellent they are and I would recommend them to anyone.

Janet Lotwyde

Wikkies simple but effective wrap-around design constructed using 3mm spacer mesh surrounded by soft durable fabric will give you an extra layer of protection you need.

The first thing you notice after putting on a pair of HiTech 3mm Wikkies is how comfortable they feel. The new design is constructed using 3mm spacer mesh surrounded by soft durable fabric. Due to the excellent surface feel, extremely high air circulation and the very low weight 3mm mesh is particularly suited for the more active and adventurous user. Passive ventilation is guaranteed by constant air exchange and circulation through 3mesh climate layer and 3mesh climate cover.

The combination of mesh and fabric help protect delicate and fragile thin skin from forces of pressure, shear and friction injuries, bony prominences and general skin tears and bruising. The idea behind the Wikkies unique wrap-around design means you can put on a pair without further damage to skin tissue. Unlike conventional products on the market our simple wrap-around system makes putting on Wikkies easier for people with mobility issues.

They come with velcro straps that allow the wearer to adjust them for a snug
fit – one size fits all. The protectors can be machine washed and reused over and over. See our sizing diagram below.

Increase mobility confidence, reduced knocks, bumps, bruises and skin tears to fragile tissue thin skin. Once you have owned a pair of Wikkies you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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