Wrap-around design

Wikkies the savvy choice for thin skin leg protection

One size fits all. Our unique wrap-around design protects delicate thin skin from further skin tears

Wrap-around design sizes

A pair of Wikkies is designed to gently wrap-around your lower leg. They have been manufactured to the highest standards to fit most sizes of the lower leg. The maximum circumference the will fit is 35cm. The velcro straps allow for finite adjustments to get the best possible fit. 

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Why wrap-around?

We identified early on in the development stage of Wikkies leg protectors that most users already have pre-existing painful leg tears and bruising. Our simple but unique design allows users to gently wrap a pair of Wikkies around the fragile tissue-thin skin on lower legs. Acting as a guard the product prevents further injury by up to 70%. Other products on the market boast light weigh protection and ease of application. However, pulling a kevlar sock or thick tubular design over existing painful legs can in some cases cause further injury. 

Thicker is better

Whilst much thicker than other products on the market Wikkies have been designed to do a pragmatic job of protecting thin skin from knocks, bumps and skin tears. Whilst the aesthetics of a kevlar sock or stocking might garner the attention of a crowd at an Haute Couture Fashion parade in Paris our product has a proven track record in the real-world of thin skin protection. Tough, durable and machine washable our products can be worn under trousers and jeans giving peace of mind to the more conscious wearer. 

When put to the test the 3Mesh Spacer Fabric is there to hand to stop leg injury from hard bumps, nasty knocks and skin tears. Our products have gained a reputation within care homes across the UK and US as being the number one go-to product for real-world skin care prevention.

Wikkies spacer material

Mobility confidence with a smile

Nothing puts a smile on our faces more than knowing we have made a difference in peoples lives. Whether enjoying simple pleasures like letting one's dog jump up at your legs or playing with the grandkids it's nice to know we've got your back... well, legs covered to be more precise! Our more active users go about their business on farms, hiking, sailing, riding a bike or continue to maintain their garden without fear of further skin tears or leg damage.

Join the world of Wikkies today and put a smile back on the face of your mobility today.

Naturally like any organisation in business, we can talk the talk. However our customer's testimonials and repeat business speak higher volumes than corporate sales patter or waffle, so take a look at what our customers have to say here.

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I Just wanted to let you know that my mom received the Wikkies. She said that they fit great and she can't believe how light and comfortable they are. She likes them very much and is wearing them!  I will see them when I visit her on Saturday; I can't wait to see them myself! 

Thank you so very much!!!

New Jersey, USA