Designed for protection

Comfortable leg protection designed for real-world

Comfortable leg protection designed to prevent knocks, bumps, bruises and skin tears.

The 'thin skin' problem

If you’re reading this then no doubt you have found our website after months or even years of frustration. You may require our protectors to cover the thinning skin on your lower legs, but the likelihood is you will be a carer searching for a leg guard or padded garment solution to protect your loved ones. Either way, you will understand the pain and suffering caused by skin tears to tissue-thin skin and the time and inconvenience of regular visits to a healthcare professional.

The comfortable solution

Wikkies thin yet very tough design protects and shields the legs from low impact injury which is the common cause of skin tears. Our garment outer is made from the finest material, designed to give you maximum comfort whilst the spacer material allows airflow through the garment keeping the leg cool in summer and warm in winter. The leg protectors are tailored by manufacturers who specialise in making garments for the emergency sector and high-end fashion – a perfect combination of style and durable functionality.

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More active thin skin suffers

We have been selling Wikkies globally to thousands of customers since 2006. We receive constant feedback and praise which is a testament to the quality, comfort and professional level of service we offer. Our customers experience less injury whilst wearing Wikkies and maintain a healthy level of activity with confidence. We’ve had users that wear them whilst out on their yachts sailing. We have customers that hike in them, perform gardening tasks, wear them to work on the farm. Even our less active users experience the full protection of a pair of Wikkies whilst being moved, bed handled in hospitals or care homes.

Less active skin suffers

The founder of Wikkies who originally set up the company after coming up with the idea to protect her mother's legs found that whether active or inactive a thin skin suffer was still prone to injury. The original problem Lea experienced with her mother who is less active is a classic example of someone who frequently had her legs torn by her dog who would jump up at her legs. She now resides in a care home and wears her Wikkies 24/7. Due to a lack of mobility, she is handled by carers and on the rare occasion she isn’t wearing her Wikkies is when she gets nasty knocks or skin tears.

Wrap-around design

We identified early on that it is fundamentally crucial that our product should be able to gently wrap-around existing wounds or bandages. In some cases, tissue-thin skin is so fragile the act of pulling a tubular design of kevlar sock over existing fragile skin can cause further damage. A secondary benefit from this consideration which is also key to Wikkies unique design is the wrap-around design is easy to put on for people which have restricted mobility. It is also easy for a healthcare professional to apply the product in care homes or hospital settings. 

The wrap-around design also means one size fits all. The leg protectors come with velcro straps which means the protectors can adjust to most sizes of legs. We have on occasions offered bespoke sizes to our customers and an additional cost of these products fall outside our normal production processes. The maximum lower leg circumference a Wikkies will fit is approximately 35cm.

Wikkies sizing diagram

Wikkies really do put a smile on your mobility confidence. Don't just take our word for it!

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“I have used my leg protectors for 6 months now, I would like to tell you how they have transformed my life. Knocks, bumps, and cuts to my legs were very painful and led to months of treatment at the clinic because my skin is very thin and painful to touch. The reason for this is long-term use of steroids due to lung problems.

My life was getting quite unbearable. I was frightened to go to the supermarket, mall or even the beach in case I got hurt. My grandchildren had to keep their distance, this made me very sad. I couldn’t go swimming, which I loved, I was so frightened if anyone came near me. My family took me on holiday, but I was confined to a wheelchair for my own protection.

Since my leg protectors, I go shopping everywhere. I go on holiday and on day trips. I can enjoy my two-year-old grandson even more along with my other grandchildren without worrying. I am looking forward to my trip to France and being able to walk through the airport and getting on the plane the same as everyone else.

I have my life back because of my leg protectors”

Mrs G Williams
Bristol, Avon
United Kingdom