Reduce skin tears

Protect the ones you love

Stop nasty skin tears, cuts, bruises, scrapes, bumps and knocks. Be kind to your lower legs.

Life doesn't have to hurt

No doubt you've been through the wars. Your legs are probably battered and bashed and need a break from silly cuts, skin tears and nasty knocks. Wikkies unique wrap-around design prevents further injury and reduces skin injury by up to 70%.

Benefit from the wonders of Wikkies 

When worn 24/7 Wikkies can pretty much eliminate skin tears. How is that possible? Well, our unique wrap-around design gently covers existing wounds preventing further injury to your lower leg. If you are a more active thin skin sufferer you can apply Wikkies with ease. For the less mobile and user, the garments can be fitted by a healthcare professional or loved one without stress or hassle.  We surveyed 1000 customers back in 2012 and asked a range of questions regarding their lifestyle, nature of thin skin conditions and how many times they visited a healthcare professional prior to wearing Wikkies compared to wearing them over a 3 months period. On average Wikkies, wearers reduced skin tears and visits to a medical professional by up to 70% after just 3 months of wearing them throughout the day. Other companies boast a higher reduction rate, but one needs to consider the nature of individual health conditions. Our product is aimed at preventing knocks and skin tears.

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Size really does matter 

Thick and tough. Yes, our product is thick and bulky compared to other products on the market. However, it works! It's designed to protect and prevent lower leg injury because it's tough. We've all been there in denial about our health issues – I am not taking that drug, I am not adjusting my lifestyle or hard and fast ways. However, the reality is simple; when worn on a regular basis Wikkies really do prevent suffering long term. Apart from the comfort and snug fit, they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. What's more important is they save time and money. No more visits to the healthcare professional to get your legs bandaged or attended to because of a mishap getting dressed in the morning, or a care work accidentally bashing your legs whilst getting you out of bed for your breakfast. 

Necessity is the mother of invention

Our product works. It really does. We've sold to thousands of individuals and businesses across the globe. Once worn, people rarely turn their back on their Wikkies. Machine washable they last a long time depending on the individual's circumstances and personal health issues. Designed to fit most leg sizes they fit a maximum lower leg size of 35cm. Rather than take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say! 

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He had no idea that I had found your site and ordered them. He tried one on straight away and was extremely impressed – he has had both on all weekend and is already saying how comfortable they are and that it has increased his confidence. He is currently getting building work done so there are many hazards which have already caused problems so to hear him saying this after a matter of hours was fantastic. We have been trying to come up with different ideas to help and not really getting anywhere so finding your site was a godsend! The District Nurse was also very impressed and went away with the details!
Thank you for a wonderful product which not only has helped my Dad but given my brother and I a bit less to worry about.

Kind regards

Rona Gibb