Beige leg protectors

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Durable and practical wrap-around leg protectors helping reduce bumps, bruises and skin tears in tissue-thin skin.

The simple design will give you mobility confidence whilst feeling so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. The first thing you notice after putting on a pair of Wikkies is how comfortable they feel. The design is constructed using 3mm spacer mesh surrounded by soft durable fabric. Due to the excellent surface feel, extremely high air circulation and the very low weight the 3mm mesh is thin and is an ideal garment for added protection. Passive ventilation is guaranteed by constant air exchange and circulation through 3mesh climate layer and 3mesh climate cover.

The combination of mesh and fabric help protect delicate and fragile thin skin from forces of pressure, shear and friction injuries, bony prominences and general skin tears and bruising. The idea behind the Wikkies unique wrap-around design means you can put on a pair without further damage to skin tissue.  Unlike conventional products on the market, our simple wraparound system makes putting on Wikkies easier for people with mobility issues – see our video below on 'how to put on a pair of Wikkies'. They come with velcro straps that allow the wearer to adjust them for a snug fit - one size fits all. The protectors can be machine washed and reused over and over. Once you have owned a pair of Wikkies you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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